The Keys to Looking Put Together No Matter What You’re Wearing

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been wearing this sweatshirt nonstop. Seriously. It might as well be glued to my body.

If I’m being honest, I don’t feel like dressing up everyday. In fact, most days I wear my tennis clothes all day and don’t put real clothes on until dinner. And even that doesn’t happen all the time, especially during the summer. Yes, I’m pathetic. But, my goal is to still look put together, even if I’m just running errands in my workout clothes after a sweaty tennis practice. Here are my tips for avoiding the “I Haven’t Showered or Changed my Clothes Since 2008” look. 

Note: The items I mention in this post will be linked at the end so you can shop!!

1. Find a simple piece of jewelry that you can wear with anything. A little sparkle goes a long way. Adding just one piece of jewelry finishes off a look and makes you look more put together. My go-to pieces are my tiny crystal necklace, gold nameplate necklace, or one of my mom’s hand-me-down bracelets like the ones pictured below. 

Real Talk: The watch isn’t in focus because it doesn’t work anymore, but how cute does it look stacked with these other bracelets?

2. Invest in a pair of chic sneakers. The shoes are quite literally the base of an outfit. A nice shoe can easily make a cheap t-shirt and shorts look like a million bucks. My go-to tennis shoes are my pink Nikes and my gray Allbirds. However, I’ve been eyeing some Adidas Ultraboosts for a long time, but haven’t pulled the trigger. 

These shoes are actually made of wool! But, don’t fret because they don’t get hot and as a bonus, you can comfortably go sans socks.

3. Get a manicure. Something as simple as putting a little color on your nails can make you look infinitely more polished. See what I did there? You don’t even need to spend a ton of money at the nail salon. You can get bottles of O.P.I. and Essie nail polish for less than $6 at T.J. Maxx and paint your own nails at home. 

4. Layer, layer, layer. Layering athleisure pieces, such as a sports bra, tank top, and thin pullover, adds depth to the outfit, which is key to looking like you put tons of energy into your appearance when you really just threw some clothes on. You also don’t have to spend a ton of money to achieve this look. Investing in just one of these pieces, like a quality pullover from Lululemon, allows you to skimp on the bra and tank. I recommend Old Navy and T.J. Maxx for cute, affordable activewear pieces. 

5. Add a bag. I discovered a gap in my closet a few months ago and I couldn’t believe I had overlooked such an important piece: purses! So, I’ve recently been making an effort to buy more bags and clutches because they can dress up any outfit. I always make sure to grab my J. Crew cross-body, or my statement bag that I got from a little boutique in Naples, FL. 

I’m even more in love with this bag now than I was when I got it. Plus, it’s got a longer strap that can be clipped on, and it was only $20. 🙌🏻🙌🏻
The purse had a matching clutch, too, but I didn’t get it):
Here’s my J. Crew purse at dinner a few nights ago. Just like in the picture, it’s subtle, but always there(:

Dressing comfortably and practically doesn’t mean sacrificing style. If you try any of these tips, be sure to let me know! 




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